Stainless tape case erector for Dairy | Model 400T-SS

Built to withstand the damp conditions at this ice cream plant

Although not in the washdown area, this dairy processor's erector needed to handle the damp plant conditions created by the stringent sanitation procedures in the processing area. This erector was built for the job. It's constructed of stainless steel with maximum resistance to rust and corrosion to provide long term, reliable performance. Plus, it has multiple features that accommodate corrugated that may be warped or band marked due to the unavoidable moisture levels in the plant.

KDs feed from the top of the stack, eliminating issues feeding warped KDs...dual vacuum grippers securely lift cases then the slidebar indexes them to the opening station. Uneven stacks are no problem as the floating grippers accommodate these variations. At opening, cases are secured from below as the opening arm pulls them open. This dual action ensures that all cases are opened successfully, even if warped or with poor manufacturers joints. 

Once opened, cases are squared by synchronized walking beans during transfer to tape application and sealing. The result: cases that perform well all down the line and deliver our customer's delicious ice cream treats to consumers in top condition!

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