Semi-automatic palletizer forms retail-ready displays | Model 72SA

Beverage packager gains automation and total flexibility on their palletizing line



Palletizer boosts production and enables no-downtime changeover

Semi-automatic palletizing offers a cost-effective solution for end-of-line automation, and this palletizer fit the bill for our customer. Offering a reduced capital expenditure, and low installation costs due to the machine's compact footprint, this machine was an attractive investment for their beverage packaging line.

Yet the production benefits are where this palletizer shines. With only one full-time operator, they palletize, insert slipsheets and deliver retail display pallets at speeds to 12 cpm. The palletizer's ergonomic design enables the operator to orient and position cases easily, without lifting. Plus, the operator has a final visual inspection of the products before they leave the plant.

The best part? No downtime or changeover for a new display pallet or case configuration. Just feed the new product and the operator arranges the new pattern. No lost production...just top productivity from their line!


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