Semi-automatic packer for cartons | Model 19

Ensuring reliable production for this candy manufacturer



This packer checked all the boxes for our customer

When it was time to upgrade from hand packing, this candy maker had several important requirements. They were looking for a small machine that would fit their floor plan without modifications. It had to be simple to operate. And finally, it had to fit their budget. This packer met all their criteria, with an added benefit–their candy cartons are packed smoothly and more gently than by their previous hand labor. The packer automatically accumulates, orients, and packs products at speeds to 12 cases per minute.

The operator simply opens and positions cases on the packing funnel. Packed cases are lowered to the conveyor for transport to case sealing. This versatile machine can pack cartons, semi-rigid containers, tubes, and other shapes in single or shrink-wrapped multipacks. 


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