Robotic packer for 90 oz. jugs | Model 600

Robot packs heavy jugs into corrugated shippers

Large, liquid-filled jugs are oriented, packed and sealed with precision

Our customer relied on A-B-C's years of expertise in package handling for this robot packing application of heavy, liquid-filled jugs. The containers are oriented and accumulated precisely for infeed to the packing station, then travel to the packing area where the robot grips and holds the containers securely as they are lifted and transported from the conveyor to the bottom of the case with no drop. The cases are indexed into position and the flaps are opened with modified funnels that ensure smooth packing. Then, off to the top case sealer that securely seals the flaps for storage and transport in ultra-cold temperatures.

Looking for a robot to pack your products? You can rely on our package handling experts for a perfect solution!



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