Robotic packer for liquid-filled bags | Model 600

Robot packs Cryovac food bags into corrugated shippers

Gentle handling and smooth transport for flexible, liquid-filled bags

Protecting product integrity is key when packing flexible bags, especially when they are filled with food-based liquids. The packer must provide secure handling, while operating at line speed. That's what we provided with this robot packer. The product infeed and accumulation is designed to eliminate back pressure to ensure proper placement. The robot moves from conveyor to case in an efficient arc that optimizes the packing process while ensuring gentle motion. The result- securely packed bags that are nestled in the cases that keep them safe and secure throughout transport.

The packer runs 3 sizes of flexible bags. Changeover is simplified with easy adjust grippers and touchscreen product selection at the operator panel. If you're looking at automate packing for your flexible bags, we have your solution!


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