Case Packer | Model 101

Pick and place packer for glass or plastic container, cans or cartons

Pick and place case packer

Achieve gentle, no-drop packing of all container styles with this pick and place packer. Its smooth robotic packing action ensures maximum bottle stability when packing lightweight plastic containers, protects glass integrity when packing bottles or jars, and provides no-impact handling of heavy containers. From the machine frame to the gripper assemblies, to the bottle handling components, all are top quality and built for dependable, long term operation, and production proven for top performance. Offering low maintenance and quick changeover, this packer is a top choice for many applications.

  • Gentle product handling and precise operation
  • Pack glass or plastic, cans or cartons
  • Intelligent Control for accurate placement

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Features and Benefits

  • Robotic, pick-and-place case packing operation ensures gentle handling

    Robotic, pick-and-place case packing operation ensures gentle handling Containers are not dropped, but are gently lowered to the bottom of the case, providing:
    • Improved bottle stability when handling lightweight plastic containers
    • Reduced risk of breakage when handling glass
    • Gentle handling of heavy, industrial-sized containers

    The pick and place operation is servo-driven for precise container placement without label damage or container scuffing. Offers packagers the option to use thin-wall containers without sacrificing packaging performance
  • Intelligent Control for top performance

    Intelligent Control for top performance This case packer has non-contact sensors that monitor case packing operation, providing instant response to changing conditions.

    All machine actions are controlled by PLC for precise operation.

    Robotic packing head is programmed to travel the shortest path from conveyor to case and back, for maximum speed and efficiency
  • Features to ensure gentle product handling

    Features to ensure gentle product handling Containers are firmly controlled from conveyor to case, utilizing a variety of container grippers depending on the product.

    This case packers gripping mechanisms space the containers during transfer to accommodate case partitions and ensure smooth packing with no bottle contact.
  • Designed for quick changeover

    Designed for quick changeover Changeover is a simple three step process: adjust or replace container gripper assembly, slide product guide rails to accommodate the new containers, and select the new container on the control panel.
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Model 101 Pick and Place Packer Specifications


  • Electrical: Primary 460v, 60hz, 3ph, NEMA 12
  • Air: .7 scfm per case at 75 psi

High Performance Features:

  • Heavy gauge steel frame construction
  • SEW Eurodrive motor for main horizontal movement
  • Allen Bradley servo motor for vertical head movement
  • Intelligent control (PLC) of all machine functions
  • Color touchscreen control panel – allows manual operation of all functions
  • Variety of container handling options: pneumatic, vacuum or mechanical grippers, depending on product characteristics

Reduced Maintenance Features:

  • Solid state proximity sensors with quick-disconnect fittings
  • Photo eyes with background suppression
  • Elevated beacon fault light

Download Floor Plan Drawings:

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- Model 101-In Line Floor Plan

- Model 101-T Frame Floor Plan