Palletizer for heavy bagged cement products | Model 72B

Handling the heavy loads with top efficiency



Hands-off palletizing that forms strong and stable pallet loads

This customer stated, paramount to the production capabilities of the unit, they were most concerned with the safety aspect for the employees working on the paper bag line. The automatic 72B palletizer was the answer. It provides totally hands-off operation, with automatic feeding, orienting, and layer stacking controlled from the HMI. At the HMI, line operators can view real-time production data, with drill-down access to components and sensors. Preventive maintenance messages are clearly communicated with step-by-step instructions on completing tasks. 

And this palletizer is built to handle the heavy loads. From the heavy steel roller infeed and transfer sections, to the counterweighted and reinforced elevator table, all built inside the rugged welded and bolted steel frame, this machine is proven to provide long-term reliability with heavy product loads. A win-win for our customer!