Palletizer for edible oils in cases and trays | Model 72AE

Palletizing for retail display and warehouse distribution 

Palletizer helps processor deliver their goods!

Our customer's popular olive oil brand is demanded by professional and home cooks alike, who value its quality and versatility. The company's multiple channels of distribution had differing requirements, from display trays to sealed RSC cases. This palletizer runs all their products, interchangeably, with no downtime or changeover, maintaining their line at top production and keeping their customers well supplied with their favorite brand.

The palletizer's floor level operation provides full visibility and easy access on the plant floor. The slipsheet inserter is activated as required for the display tray packaging. The empty pallet dispenser and the powered full pallet conveyor complete the system automation, providing a simple, dependable, and seamless palletizing solution.  


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