New depalletizer module helps reduce corrugated waste by facilitating reuse of tier sheets and picture frames

New depalletizer module helps reduce corrugated wasteJanuary 25, 2012

For packagers seeking to reduce corrugated waste by reusing their depalletizing tier sheets and picture frames, A‐B‐C has introduced a separator/stacking module for the company’s Model 108 bulk depalletizers. The system automatically stacks the tier sheets and top picture frames on pallets in separate hoppers for easy removal by forklift once the stacks are filled. The palletloads are returned to the bottle supplier for reuse.

The module has a compact footprint to allow installation where floor space is limited or as an addition to an existing depalletizing system. The tier sheets and picture frames are securely transferred by an automatic pneumatic gripper system. It is operated by A‐B‐C’s intelligent control system, managed at the touchscreen operator station to allow customization for various pallet sizes and configurations.

Model 101 packer quick changeover


Bottle packer offers quick changeover to full range of sizes, pack patterns

March 16, 2011, Tarpon Springs, FL¬– Packagers who need to run multiple sizes and packs of bottles will appreciate the quick-change features of the Model 101 case packer that can reduce downtime up to 30% compared to conventional changeover practices. This packer is designed with complete gripper assemblies for all pack/bottle patterns that each packager requires to eliminate time-consuming gripper adjustment, and guide rail placement is simplified with sliding and locking handles to allow quick adjustment to the new specification. In three steps, the changeover is completed: 1- unbolt and replace the gripper assembly, 2- slide product guide rails to new settings, 3- select the new container style at the operator control panel, which activates the proper machine actions for the new product/case handling.  Setup testing is virtually eliminated, further reducing changeover downtime.

The Model 101 packs glass and plastic bottles, jugs, jars and specialty shapes, as well as metal and composite cans and many styles of cartons. The servo-driven pick and place operation ensures gentle product handling to maintain container and label integrity, and containers are packed under full control from the conveyor to the shipper. From lightweight glass bottles to heavy, industrial-sized containers, the Model 101 packs with gentle precision.

During a two-day trip through Ohio last week, President Barack Obama promoted American manufacturing and his dedication to working class Americans. During his stop at Summer Garden Food Manufacturing on July 6, Obama was photographed in front of an A-B-C Model 330 case erector, which, incidentally, is valued by packagers for its workhorse operation and reliability on the packaging line.

President Barack Obama talks with Edward Ruscitti, right, during his tour of Summer Garden Food Manufacturing in Boardman, Ohio. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)



Model 450 case erector with speeds to 55 cases per minute


High speed Model 450 case erector /bottom sealer offers speeds to 50 cpm

April 12, 2012

You need a workhorse machine to feed, erect, and seal corrugated cases every 1.1 seconds, shift after shift, and A-B-C’s Model 450 is a heavy duty, production-proven unit to handle this challenge. From the ground up, this machine is built for speed¬¬¬; inside its solid steel, welded and bolted frame is a continuous motion case drive powered by a hefty 3 hp motor, high capacity vacuum case system, and servo case sealing compression ram that ensures non-stop sealing.  The large capacity case magazine is self-indexing to maximize time between refills, and case magazine extensions provide additional kd capacity. The case magazine’s low level design makes it easy to replenish without lifting cases.

The 450 is loaded with features to accommodate less than perfect cases. The opening arms “over-open” the major flaps to compensate for incorrectly slotted cases, and the vacuum cups grip each case from above and below to compensate for warped cases and ensure proper opening. A-B-C’s exclusive walking beam case drive automatically squares cases as they are transferred through the erector, and the servo-operated sealing ram ensures top precision during compression and forms square, well-sealed cases.  A stainless steel case discharge chute automatically uprights the case to the buyer’s supplied takeaway conveyor.

A-B-C’s IntelligentControl makes high-speed operation automatic and provides real-time operating data, comprehensive production reports, and enables independent operation of all functions, diagnostics, and changeover settings. It erects and seals RSC and HSC cases at speeds from 20 to 50 per minute. At only 16’-9” long, this erector is easily installed on most packaging lines.