Decaser/ single filer for wine reshipper cases replaces manual dumping and increases line productivity

Decaser for wine reshipper casesMarch 24, 2016

Wineries who receive their bottles in necks down reshipper cases can automate their hand dumping operation, reduce costs, increase line speeds, and ensure a consistent bottle supply to their filler with A-B-C’s Model 49 decaser. The Model 49 accepts cases from the conveyor either back-to-back or spaced, unloads and single files the bottles, and uprights the empty cases for transfer to case packing. Bottles glide from the case to the impact-absorbing transfer belt and bottle contact is minimized with A-B-C’s unique single filing module. These features work to maintain bottle stability and protect the glass integrity. By replacing the hand dumping operation, the decaser eliminates the related risk of employee injury from repeated lifting and emptying of heavy cases.

The Model 49 has special features to accommodate case size variations, including a soft roller system that utilizes an automatic tensioner to ensure smooth case transit throughout decasing. The 180-degree case turnover securely holds the cases as they are oriented before discharge. The Model 49 runs RSC, HSC, and RSC tablock cases at speeds to 50 cpm, and offers quick and easy changeover.

New high level bulk depalletizer combines maximum flexibility and economy  in compact footprint


January 22, 2013

New Model 108HL high level bulk depalletizer is the solution for packagers who need reliable depalletizing with top flexibility, easy installation and quick payback. This high level machine smoothly transfers containers from the pallet stack and sweeps them gently onto high level discharge conveyor at speeds to 4 layers per minute. It offers the flexibility to run plastic, glass, aluminum, steel, or composite containers interchangeably with no change parts. It can automatically remove and stack picture frames, tier sheets, inverted trays and pallets.

Top performance is guaranteed by the Model 108HL’s rugged design and quality production features that ensure gentle container handling and quiet operation. As the pallet remains stationery during depalletizing, there is no risk of pallet instability, a common issue with traditional high level depalletizers. Features to ensure positive container handling include four containment devices, and a tiersheet stabilizer, plus a precision chain and sprocket sweep mechanism that maintains container stability even when depalletizing lightweight containers. The Model 108HL offers discharge elevations up to 144”. A low level model is also available with discharge height to 36”.

Model 72 palletizer with extended table


Low level palletizer with extended accumulation table for faster pallet stacking

March 11, 2010

A-B-C announces the Model 72AE palletizer that combines the economy and accessibility of a floor level palletizer with the speeds typically associated with high level machines.

This novel design incorporates an extended accumulation table that allows continuous layer forming during completed layer transfer and stacking, thereby achieving increased volume of up to 35 units per minute.
Energy-efficient electric motors provide smooth, whisper-quiet operation, and all layer patterns and pallet configurations are programmed for easy startup and control.

The Model 72AE can palletize cases, trays, bags or totes.  Changeover is automatic— simply choose the next product configuration at the operator touchscreen panel. The palletizer’s intelligent control gives packagers total flexibility as new pallet, layer, and product configurations are added and/or modified by authorized personnel and all operating parameters can be adjusted independently.

Model 70 partition opener inserter


New partition opener/inserter delivers enhanced precision and flexibility

June 6, 2011

A-B-C announces the Model 70 partition opener/inserter with a dual servo powered partition handling device and no-tools changeover. The twin servos drive the partition indexing/opening and inserting, blending these two independent steps into one harmonious action that ensures gentle handling for smooth opening, precise placement and efficient case packing.  Lateral stabilizers square the partition after opening to “lock” the partition’s interlocking panels and ensure smooth insertion into the waiting case or tray. A new video on A-B-C’s website shows the Model 70 partition opener/inserter in operation.

Changeover time is dramatically reduced up to 70% due to the new design that requires no tools or change parts for a complete range of partitions. All parameters are stored for immediate recall at the control console, and position indicators eliminate guesswork in adjusting to new settings. The operator just follows the step-by-step instructions to set the new parameters, and the machine is ready for return to production. To run new partitions, the operator simply inputs the parameters at the touchscreen display then stores the data for future changeovers.

The unit’s compact size makes it an easy fit on most plant production floors. The Model 70 is a good choice for packagers in the wine, spirits, beer, food and chemical industries, and any company packing glass or fragile products into a case requiring a chipboard partition.