Model 436 case sealer snack

A-B-C case sealer offers total flexibility for snack manufacturers

July 24, 2012

Tarpon Springs, FL—The choice between adhesive and tape sealing for cases can hinge on the minor flap support–if you are packing a product like snack bags that don’t provide minor flap support, you normally use tape, and if you are packing products in multipacks, cartons or jars that provide minor flap support, adhesive can be the best solution.

For snack manufacturers who ship products in a variety of packages including flexible bags, multipacks, cartons and rigid containers, this can be a problem. A-B-C provides the solution with their Model 436 case sealer that offers interchangeable tape and adhesive sealing on one machine. The modular design of this case sealer allows snack packagers to easily switch from one sealing method to another without excessive downtime or the added expense of purchasing two machines.

The case sealer has independent sealing modules for adhesive and tape sealing that are designed for quick changeover with “drop in” accessibility, allowing maintenance personnel to quickly make the switch from one sealing method to another in under 10 minutes.  “This provides the most practical and cost-effective solution for our snack manufacturer customers who need maximum flexibility in a compact machine,” said Bryan Sinicrope, VP sales and marketing, A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.  The sealer offers a large case range from 8” L x 6” W x 4” H to 24” L x 17” W x 17” H and speeds to 50 cases/minute.

Model 108 bulk depalletizer for reverse taper containers


Low level bulk depalletizer offers dedicated features for high speed depalletizing of reverse taper containers

October 21, 2010

A-B-C has introduced a sweep-off style bulk depalletizer with special features to run reverse taper bottles and unstable lightweight containers, offering an economical alternative to lift-off depalletizers that were often required for these bottle styles. The Model 108 has unique features to maintain complete control of the bottles in each layer from the pallet through transfer, to laning, to ensure maximum bottle stability throughout depalletizing.  Automatic layer squaring/stabilizing and tier sheet containment are additional standard features that ensure smooth performance for all bottle styles.

The Model 108 is a low level machine that offers reduced installation costs, and maintenance is simplified with all operating components easily accessible. The open design provides high visibility for plant personnel and the control station is at floor level.

Flexibility is built-in as this depalletizer runs a full range of bottle styles with no change parts.  Glass, plastic, metal, and composite containers run on the same machine¬ no special options are required. Low, medium, or high level bottle discharge allows this machine to fit any plant layout.


Model 72AGSS stainless steel palletizer for operation in harsh plant environments

December 3, 2012

A-B-C’s new stainless steel palletizer is the solution for harsh plant environments with high humidity or moisture or corrosive factors caused by some foods, beverages, chemicals, fertilizers and feeds. It is washdown safe with components to NEMA 4X specifications and stainless steel construction.

“This palletizer is designed to reduce operating costs for packagers with corrosive plant environments as it is built to withstand harsh operating conditions with minimum maintenance,” said Bryan Sinicrope, VP sales and marketing of A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation. “Where plant conditions are corrosive, traditional machine life can be limited, and this palletizer is the solution. It is also designed for plants with wash-down requirements. This palletizer provides a high speed solution with case palletizing speeds to 50 cases/minute and bag palletizing speeds to 4 layers per minute.”

The Model 72AGSS is built for performance with a heavy gauge frame that is welded and bolted for maximum strength and durability. The elevator table is reinforced with crossbar beams to eliminate load stress and the table edges are gently tapered to ensure stable layer transfer. The table is counterweighted to eliminate drive motor stress. Vertical transfer of the elevator table is powered by variable frequency motor drive that eliminates hard starts and stops that can cause component wear.  

The Model 72AGSS is a low level palletizer that is built for increased speed capability with continuous feed and layer accumulation during sweep transfer. Each layer is squared before transfer to the pallet to ensure secure palletloads. Depending on the case and pallet configuration, it can palletize up to 50 cases per minute.  This palletizer runs cases, bags, trays, totes, or multipacks in multiple pallet patterns, all pre-programmed for quick changeover.


New high level bulk depalletizer combines maximum flexibility and economy in compact footprint

January 22, 2013

A-B-C’s new Model 108HL high level bulk depalletizer is the solution for packagers who need reliable depalletizing with top flexibility, easy installation and quick payback. This high level machine smoothly transfers containers from the pallet stack and sweeps them gently onto high level discharge conveyor at speeds to 4 layers per minute. It offers the flexibility to run plastic, glass, aluminum, steel, or composite containers interchangeably with no change parts. It can automatically remove and stack picture frames, tier sheets, inverted trays and pallets.

Top performance is guaranteed by the Model 108HL’s rugged design and quality production features that ensure gentle container handling and quiet operation. As the pallet remains stationery during depalletizing, there is no risk of pallet instability, a common issue with traditional high level depalletizers. Features to ensure positive container handling include four containment devices, and a tiersheet stabilizer, plus a precision chain and sprocket sweep mechanism that maintains container stability even when depalletizing lightweight containers. The Model 108HL offers discharge elevations up to 144”.  A low level model is also available with discharge height to 36”.