Pack Expo International 2018

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Model330 Hot Melt Case Erector3

High Speed Case Erector

The 400HS is a solid, high speed case erector that delivers speeds from 10-40 cpm. This workhorse machine offers a low-level, easy-load case magazine, positive kd feed, self-squaring mechanical case drive, and a servo case sealing ram to ensure top speed, durability and reliability from your line. Click here for more information...


model436 adhesive case sealing2

Top Case Sealer

With a super small footprint (only 10’ long) and A-B-C’s trademark rugged construction, this sealer will satisfy your most challenging case sealing requirements. Quality components include a pacer-belt case transfer that automatically feeds and spaces cases for precision sealing, a rotary tucker for smooth, high speed flap folding, and flexible compression rollers for secure adhesive sealing. Speeds to 75 cpm. Click here for more information. Click here for more information...


model72ae palletizer1

Low Level Palletizer

Top performing palletizer for cases, trays or totes, with features for ultra-smooth case transit, perfect load positioning, and rapid product changeover for all your palletizing needs. Strong, secure palletloads are guaranteed with programmable sweep bars and squaring devices, whether palletizing cases, bags, trays, multipacks, or plastic totes. Click here for more information...


model108 wine industry

Bulk Depalletizer

Enjoy the accessibility of floor-level operation and the flexibility of low or high level container discharge with A-B-C sweep-off depalletizers. Fast and efficient, these quality depalletizers employ exclusive features to ensure reliable performance and carefree operation. Run glass, metal, plastic, and composite containers interchangeably. Click here for more information...