No downtime for damaged pallets with the lift & place pallet dispenser

This new stacker/dispenser runs damaged pallets and handles them gently to prevent further damage during stacking and indexing. The A-B-C dispenser utilizes a side clamp design that grips and lifts the stack from the bottom pallet, allowing it to feed independently from the stack. This device maintains pallet integrity while smoothly indexing less-than-perfect pallets with raised nails or loose boards. This method is superior to hydraulic pallet dispensers that use a pusher ram to strip each pallet from the bottom of the stack, which can jam or cause further damage to poor pallets.

This versatile unit can automatically feed pallets to case or bag palletizers or stack empty pallets from case or bulk depalletizers. It can be fitted to virtually any palletizer infeed or depalletizer outfeed conveyor and is easily adjustable to a variety of pallet sizes. This self-contained unit, equipped with micro PLC control, is shipped ready to operate. It can easily accommodate up to 1,000 pound loads or stacks 15 pallets high for packagers looking to increase the productivity of their palletizing line. Three models are available

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