Model 72 palletizer with extended table


Low level palletizer with extended accumulation table for faster pallet stacking

A-B-C's Model 72AE palletizer that combines the economy and accessibility of a floor level palletizer with the speeds typically associated with high level machines.

This novel design incorporates an extended accumulation table that allows continuous layer forming during completed layer transfer and stacking, thereby achieving increased volume of up to 35 units per minute. Energy-efficient electric motors provide smooth, whisper-quiet operation, and all layer patterns and pallet configurations are programmed for easy startup and control.

The Model 72AE can palletize cases, trays, bags or totes.  Changeover is automatic— simply choose the next product configuration at the operator touchscreen panel. The palletizer’s intelligent control gives packagers total flexibility as new pallet, layer, and product configurations are added and/or modified by authorized personnel and all operating parameters can be adjusted independently.

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