Model 108 bulk depalletizer for reverse taper containers


Low level bulk depalletizer offers dedicated features for high speed depalletizing of reverse taper containers

A-B-C's sweep-off style bulk depalletizer has special features to run reverse taper bottles and unstable lightweight containers, offering an economical alternative to lift-off depalletizers that were often required for these bottle styles. The Model 108 has unique features to maintain complete control of the bottles in each layer from the pallet through transfer, to laning, to ensure maximum bottle stability throughout depalletizing.  Automatic layer squaring/stabilizing and tier sheet containment are additional standard features that ensure smooth performance for all bottle styles.

The Model 108 is a low level machine that offers reduced installation costs, and maintenance is simplified with all operating components easily accessible. The open design provides high visibility for plant personnel and the control station is at floor level.

Flexibility is built-in as this depalletizer runs a full range of bottle styles with no change parts.  Glass, plastic, metal, and composite containers run on the same machine¬ no special options are required. Low, medium, or high level bottle discharge allows this machine to fit any plant layout.

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