Depalletizer module helps reduce corrugated waste by facilitating reuse of tier sheets and picture frames

New depalletizer module helps reduce corrugated waste

For packagers seeking to reduce corrugated waste by reusing their depalletizing tier sheets and picture frames, A‐B‐C has introduced a separator/stacking module for the company’s Model 108 bulk depalletizers. The system automatically stacks the tier sheets and top picture frames on pallets in separate hoppers for easy removal by forklift once the stacks are filled. The palletloads are returned to the bottle supplier for reuse.

The module has a compact footprint to allow installation where floor space is limited or as an addition to an existing depalletizing system. The tier sheets and picture frames are securely transferred by an automatic pneumatic gripper system. It is operated by A‐B‐C’s intelligent control system, managed at the touchscreen operator station to allow customization for various pallet sizes and configurations.