Decaser/ single filer for wine reshipper cases replaces manual dumping and increases line productivity

Decaser for wine reshipper cases

Wineries who receive their bottles in necks down reshipper cases can automate their hand dumping operation, reduce costs, increase line speeds, and ensure a consistent bottle supply to their filler with A-B-C’s Model 49 decaser. The Model 49 accepts cases from the conveyor either back-to-back or spaced, unloads and single files the bottles, and uprights the empty cases for transfer to case packing. Bottles glide from the case to the impact-absorbing transfer belt and bottle contact is minimized with A-B-C’s unique single filing module. These features work to maintain bottle stability and protect the glass integrity. By replacing the hand dumping operation, the decaser eliminates the related risk of employee injury from repeated lifting and emptying of heavy cases.

The Model 49 has special features to accommodate case size variations, including a soft roller system that utilizes an automatic tensioner to ensure smooth case transit throughout decasing. The 180-degree case turnover securely holds the cases as they are oriented before discharge. The Model 49 runs RSC, HSC, and RSC tablock cases at speeds to 50 cpm, and offers quick and easy changeover.

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