Semi-automatic palletizer for heavy industrial bags | Model 72SAB

Simple, efficient palletizing for slow speed bag lines



Manual vs. semi-automatic palletizing for slow speed lines?

For this customer, speed was not an issue, as their manual palletizing crew could handle their line output. Why did they switch to semi-automatic palletizing?

Most importantly, this semi-auto palletizer eliminated the need for their palletizing crew to lift heavy bags. Now one operator simply moves bags into lifting! Their palletizing crew was freed to perform other line tasks.

Operation is push-button simple which reduced operator training. They still have complete flexibility for pallet patterns, and the operator still performs visual product inspection before shipping.

For this company, our semi-automatic bag palletizer has proven to be a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective palletizing solution. If you're looking for a fully automatic bag palletizer, click here for details.


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