Palletizer for industrial bags | Model 72B

Palletizer with pop-up bag orienter forms pallets with custom configurations



Delivering the goods to keep their customers growing strong

With a loyal customer base and a range of high quality seed and agriculture products, this customer needed to automate their palletizing to fulfill market demand. This required custom layer configurations.

As the bags are indexed to the Model 72A, they are automatically scanned to determine if orientation is required. Bags that do not need orientation pass by automatically, while an electric eye stops specified bags over a turning frame. The frame lifts above the rollers and then rotates the bag to orient it to the correct position. The orientation settings were programmed into the PLC intelligent control system so the palletizer was ready for immediate operation upon delivery.

Layers are formed to pre-set patterns, and new patterns and bag orientations can be configured at the HMI. Squaring devices automatically square each layer before depositing it on the previous layer to ensure that even bags that are slightly out of shape are properly stacked.

This automatic bag palletizer is the final step to market, forming square, secure pallet loads that protect our customer's goods throughout transport.





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