Palletizer for household chemicals runs increased speeds | Model 72AE

Need more palletizing speed? This floor level palletizer with extended table is the answer.

Automated palletizing for chemical processor achieves every goal

This customer needed to upgrade their palletizing to stack heavy cases packed with gallon bleach bottles and was considering high level palletizing solutions. However, floor space was an issue. They needed a compact system that would fit their available space, and deliver a higher speed capability with full flexibility for future upgrades.

The Model 72 AE palletizer was the answer. Built into its compact footprint is an extended accumulation table that allows the next pallet layer to be formed as the previous layer is stacked on the pallet. The case feed and layer forming speeds are configured to efficiently orient and accumulate the heavy product loads at line speed. Product orientation and pallet patterns are easily set at the floor level HMI.

This palletizer is an efficient palletizing solution that suited their space, speed, and flexibility needs and delivers reliable performance every day to their packaging line.  


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