Benefits of low level palletizing

Discover the advantages of A-B-C's low level palletizers



With so many palletizing styles available, why are our low level machines in high demand? Here's what our customers say:

"Simple to install"

  • Floor level palletizers eliminate the expense of stairs/platforms needed for high level palletizers
  • Line height infeed allows easy close-couple of palletizer and case packer/sealer
  • The compact and modular designs accommodate challenging floorplans

"Low cost of operation"

  • Easy access maintenance points at floor level reduce downtime
  • Operation is easily monitored by production personnel
  • Pallet patterns are easily set and adjusted at the HMI- no service call required

"Gives us the most flexibility"

  • Products can feed the palletizer at low, medium or high level
  • Multiple infeed and full pallet in/out options
  • Modular designs provide future flexibility

See for yourself the benefits an A-B-C palletizer can bring to your packaging line.


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