Palletizer for beer cans in trays | Model 72A

Heavy loads are effortlessly stacked into square, secure palletloads on this workhorse palletizer. See it in action!



Ensuring perfect pallets of IPAs to satisfy thirsty customers

This palletizer is an efficient upgrade that added speed and efficiency to this brewing operation. The heavy trays glide easily over the stainless rollers in the accumulation zone; then the mechanical row pusher with dual chain drive powerfully and gently moves each row to the transfer table. The table edge is tapered to ensure smooth transit, and the table itself is heavy gauge steel, reinforced for added strength and durability. 

The elevator table is counterweighted which ensures layer stability and the variable speed motor drive provides soft starts and stops during transport. Loads are squared as they are placed on the pallet, for no-excuses palletizing that ensures product integrity throughout distribution. 


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