70 Series - Partition opener / inserter, single or dual head

Partition opener / inserter single head

Partition opener / inserter dual head

Lightweight chipboard partitions offer important product protection during shipping. These partitions are considered a green packaging solution as they are typically made from renewable and recycled materials. This partition opener/ inserter provides easy and reliable inserting of lightweight chipboard partitions into your cases.

The dual head Model 70 delivers top performance and speeds to 60 partitions/minute, for maximum performance and flexibility on your line. Servos drive the partition indexing/opening/inserting plus case indexing and positioning for top precision and reliability.

A-B-C partition inserters offer:

  • Quick and easy changeover
  • Small footprint for easy installation
  • Simple, low maintenance design
  • Servo operation for top precision and reduced maintenance
  • Stainless steel frame- welded and bolted for strength and durability
  • Runs right hand or left hand partitions, 6, 12, 24 or 24 cells