Tape sealing case sealer for small cases | Model 436T

High speed case sealing for small, lightweight cases

Small cases, with no flap support? No problem for this high speed tape sealer.

This online retailer packs a multitude of products into shipping cases. While they right-size the cases for the product load to minimize packaging, often an order contains just one item. They needed a solution for reliable sealing of the small, lightweight cases–some only 3" tall!

The Model 436T was the solution, designed to efficiently feed, close and seal the lightweight cases, without requiring inner flap support. The pacer belt case transfer automatically spaces each case whether they are fed apart or back-to-back. The side belt transfer controls the lightweight cases as they are conveyed. The inner flaps are positively closed by the servo-operated rotating inner flap tucker and contoured, cast aluminum folders crease and fold the large outer flaps. Cases are tape sealed tape by an exterior-mounted tape head that enables quick and easy roll replacement.

It's a hardworking machine, built for 24/7 operation. Take a look to see it in action.



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