Tape case erector, 10-40 cpm | Model 400T

Need a high performance case erector with tape sealing?

This tape case erector has the production features you need.

For this customer seeking a versatile tape sealing case erector, the Model 400T was the answer. It runs from 10 to 40 cases per minute with variable speed operation that automatically adjusts to their line requirements. It's a rugged machine with a mechanical drive plus a unique case transfer that squares cases as they travel, ensuring smooth sailing at their case packer.

The floor level KD magazine offers easy loading for their line operator, and automatically indexes and feeds KD stacks. The erector has features that run out-of-spec corrugated, giving them a  continuous and reliable supply of cases every shift.

This customer has gained uptime with the simple, no-tools changeover and reduced maintenance features. Take a look at this erector to see why it's a top choice of packagers everywhere. 



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