Model 400HS - Adhesive case erector, 10-40 cpm

High speed case erecting with proven reliability and top performance

What's better than a workhorse case erector that's proven to give you top production? An erector that saves you money! Here's a machine that does both- it's a case erector with high performance features that reduce your cost of operation.

Money-saving features

• Case upright/transfer is standard equipment

This standard feature controls cases as they exit the machine, gently uprighting them during transfer to the line conveyor, ensuring smooth operation with no case backup.

• 5-Minute Changeover

There's no need for expensive auto-adjust options- changeover takes only 5 minutes and one tool.

• Run less-than-perfect corrugated

Designed for smooth operation in your real world production environment, the case erector has features to run poor corrugated and uneven kd stacks, while ensuring proper case feed for consistent, high speed operation.

Added production benefits:

  •     Ergonomic case magazine that eliminates lifting of kd stacks
  •     Reliable mechanical case opening arm that "over-opens" major flaps for smooth inner flap folding
  •     Rugged rear flap tucker that securely folds the trailing inner flap
  •     Patented features for square cases
  •     Servo-operated sealing ram
  •     Heavy steel box frame construction- welded and bolted for strength and durability


* Machine specifications subject to change. Guarding may be different than shown.


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