Uncaser and case packer for bottles and jars | Model 360

2-in-1 machine uncases and packs simultaneously

Delivering economy and efficiency to low speed lines

This 2-in-1 machine uncases empty bottles from reshipper cases while place packing full bottles, with one action, in one location, with no labor.

It's the perfect solution if you're looking to upgrade your line and have a limited budget and/or small floor space. With precise servo operation, the packing/unpacking head cycles from case to conveyor, uncasing and packing with each cycle. The uncased bottles are conveyed to filling, then back to the packer, where they are re-packed into the reshipper cases. 

Gentle handling of neck bands and closures is ensured by air cushion grippers, and the finger grid funnel smoothly guides the product into the case between partitions, to eliminate risk of label scuffing. 

Providing top reliability and efficiency, this all-in-one packer helps food processors, beverage bottlers, and craft brewers to achieve their production goals.



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