Case erector for large cases with auto changeover | Model 340

Erector for oversized cases with servo-driven auto change

Providing ultimate flexibility for our customer

To keep the shelves stocked with their popular video games, our customer needed a case erector that would deliver the right cases, on time in the right sizes, no questions! The Model 340 with auto changeover was the solution.

It erects and seal multiple large case sizes, sealing them securely with hot melt adhesive. To run a different case, just select it at the control panel. The machine automatically adjusts and they are back in operation. This erector is a key component in their packaging line, keeping their line running at peak performance.

  • Variable speed from 20-30 cases per minute
  • Run KD blanks up to 45" long x 42" wide
  • 2 models available- Seal with tape or adhesive


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