Depalletizer for 2.5 gallon jugs with integrated single filing | Model 108


Efficient depalletizing of large plastic jugs while maintaining handle orientation

This customer was transitioning to bulk container delivery and needed automation for unloading and single filing for their line feed. This depalletizer with row stripper single filing was the solution. The depalletizer sweeps each layer in a contained unit from the pallet to the transfer table utilizing a motorized sweep bar that moves with the layer to ensure container stability and load integrity. At the single filing module, the containers maintaining orientation as they travel from the table to the conveyor row by row. The module runs both square and rectangular containers.

Its compact configuration easily fit their limited floor space while including full pallet feed, picture frame and slipsheet stacker, and empty pallet discharge.

With all operation controlled at the floor level HMI, this depalletizer was the solution that fulfilled their automation needs, delivering a continuous container feed to their line.  



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