Bulk depalletizer running steel paint cans | Model 108

Depalletizer for 1 gallon cans maintains top container integrity

Depalletizing empty steel paint cans with a gentle touch

For our customer, container integrity was key for their line of consumer paint products. Their customers expect the best and that means the product must look great on the shelves, and this depalletizer delivers. Watch and learn how it smoothly unloads pallets of one gallon steel paint cans with gentle precision, at production line speeds. Before sweep transfer, the top and second layer are squared and the lower slipsheet is secured during sweep to maintain pallet stability. The variable frequency motor gently lowers containers from the pallet to the transfer table with soft start, soft stop operation. After tier sheet removal, the cans are transferred and single filed to the production line.

This versatile depalletizer gives our customer the flexibility to discharge at low, medium, or high level, and depalletize a variety of container styles, for a future-proof addition to their packaging line.


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