Bulk depalletizer running 20 oz. aerosol cans | Model 108

Depalletizer for lightweight aerosol cans keeps them upright and stable

No headaches, no downed containers...just continuous, reliable line feed

Empty aerosol cans are lightweight and easily become unstable during transport. This depalletizer handles them gently and keeps them under control so they flow easily from pallet to the production line.

At the pallet, the top layer is squared on four sides to stabilize any cans that may have shifted during transit. As the layer is swept to the transfer table, both the slipsheet and the next layer below are secured to maintain pallet integrity. The elevator table  transporting the cans to the discharge table is guided by 8-point location roller bearings and counterweighted for smooth movement. The transfer table is stainless to reduce friction that can cause container instability.

Finally, as the cans are swept to the discharge table, a motorized bar guides them at the front. The end result is a fluid and continuous flow of upright cans to the production line!


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