Bottle depalletizer for reverse taper wine bottles | Model 108RT


The unique design of reverse taper bottles, narrow at the base and wide at the top, is a favorite with consumers of premium wines and spirits. Yet these containers are a packaging challenge because of their instability during handling. Often these bottles were depalletized manually or with a lift-off style machine that gripped each container individually. While the lift-off machines are effective, they operate at slow line speeds and have extensive and costly change part requirements. Our customer found the Model 108RT was a better solution: it's a sweep-style machine for reverse taper bottles that depalletizes at high speed efficiency.

In fact, the Model 108RT is the only sweep style depalletizer for reverse taper wine bottles. Its proprietary features ensure gentle handling and optimized bottle stability. With total layer and bottle containment from pallet to discharge, soft start, soft stop vertical transfer, and efficient electric operation, this depalletizer has maximized our customers' line productivity. Plus gave them the flexibility to depalletize a range of specialty wine bottles–on the same machine!



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