Bulk depalletizer for dairy bottles | Model 108

Depalletizer for dairy bottles delivers "legen-dairy" performance

With a new package and a new line, this depalletizer helps our dairy processor customer to achieve their production goals

With new packaging in round plastic containers, this customer was transitioning to bulk bottles. They were looking for automation that would ensure container stability and reliable feed of their lightweight containers at the required speeds.

This depalletizer fulfilled their goals, providing total automation with bottle stability ensured from the pallet to discharge. At the pallet, each layer is squared on all sides while the slipsheet is held securely. As the layer is swept to the transfer table, the bottles are contained on all four sides.

The stainless steel transfer table minimizes friction that can lead to instability. Finally, a front support bar stabilizes the containers as they are discharged. The result is a controlled, harmonious operation with reliable bottle feed to their production line.

Total automation was delivered, including full pallet feed, empty pallet discharge, and picture frame and slipsheet removal and stacking in separate bins,  


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