Pick and place packer for quart and gallon containers | Model 101

Packer delivers reliability and total line flexibility to keep up with consumer demand.



With their popular product packaged in both 2.5 gallon and quart containers, this customer needed a flexible automated packing solution. They had a couple of handling concerns: the style of the quart containers which made the cans a challenge to grip, and the weight of the larger bottles. A-B-C's solution was simple and elegant and made their concerns a non-issue.

The packer runs both sizes interchangeably. The servo-driven packing head delivers accurate container placement to protects from label scuffing. The packing funnels guide the product easily into the case. The packing head releases the products only when they reach the bottom of the case, providing true no-drop packing.

A-B-C supplied a turnkey line for this customer, from case erector to palletizer. 
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