Four flap opener and bottle packer | Model 101

Packager achieves simplicity in four flap opening and control, plus precision place packing for their glass bottles



Dynamic duo deliver total control of their packing operation

Buying their glass bottles in reshipper cases meant this customer needed to convey their empty reshippers to the packer, then reliably open all four flaps and maintain control while the bottles were repacked after filling.

The solution? An A-B-C four flap opener and place packer. With compact footprints and integrated operation, these machines seamlessly manage their case packing operation in minimum floor space. 

The bottles are handled with NO-DROP operation. Air cushioned grippers gently lift and transport the bottles as they are guided through finger grids that ensure precise placement in the partitioned cases. 

 * Note that this video shows empty bottles as it was recorded before shipment to our customer.



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