Palletizer for tray-packed pickles has high level infeed | Model 72AG

Need high level palletizing but have limited floor space? 



This palletizer for tray-packed pickles combines high level infeed and overhead product indexing with floor level pallet loading.

The first challenge faced by this pickle processor was their limited floor space, and the need to feed their product from an overhead conveyor. The A-B-C palletizer's compact footprint fit their space, and the standard model can accept product at any level and palletize to floor level. The slipsheet inserter and pallet stacker also operate at floor level, which minimized their installation and maintenance costs. 

The second challenge was their increased speed requirement, which was easily achieved by the Model 72AG's overhead row transfer, which provides up to 30% greater palletizing speed. This palletizer achieved their goals and kept our customer's pickle packaging line at top performance.

This palletizer is suitable for tray-packed jars of condiments, sauces, jellys and other jars in shrink-wrapped trays.



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