Erector for pecan packaging runs double wall cases | Model 400T

Erector delivers cases that preserve product integrity for this premium nut company

Forming and securely tape sealing large double wall cases at 25 cpm

Our customer is proud of their long tradition of quality and customer satisfaction, and expected no less of their case erector. To protect their premium pecans during storage and shipping, they specified double-wall corrugated cases. These cases are stiff as KDs and require a heavy duty case erector that can manage the thick board, fold the flaps, and form the cases squarely at 25 cpm. Sound like a tough nut to crack? Not for our Model 400T case erector.

This powerful erector is built for the job. Its heavy steel, box-style frame has proven strength to handle production with no vibration. The mechanical opener employs powerful grippers to hold the KD from below as it is opened, easing the corrugated memory. The direct drive walking beam squares cases as they travel. Finally, cases are held securely by synchronized belt drives as they travel through tape sealing.

The result: cases that meet the high quality standards of our customer and protect their products throughout distribution.  


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