Depalletizer/Palletizer Integration for Nut Butter Line | M108 & M72AG

Smooth product handling from start to finish on this packaging line

To keep their in-demand nut butters fully stocked on retailers' shelves!

Our customer is a leading manufacturer of private label and branded premium nut butters, and their commitment to quality is evident in every segment of their operation. From their rigorous ingredient selection, through their manufacturing processes and packaging, they are committed to delivering only the best. We were proud to be selected as their supplier in automating their depalletizing and palletizing operations. Container integrity was a top concern–their packages have to reflect all their diligence in ingredient selection and processing excellence by looking great on retailers' shelves.

Their A-B-C depalletizer and palletizer are instrumental in helping our customer achieve their goals every day. The depalletizer maintains full product control from pallet to discharge, gently supplying a continuous stream of containers, from 12 oz to 2 Kg, to the production line. At the other end of the line, the palletizer provides high volume accumulation and stacking of the packaged nut butters in multiple formats and configurations into square, secure pallet loads that will maintain top integrity in shipping and distribution.

Integration of these two machines is helping our customer to achieve their goal to serve up premium quality in every jar!

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