Depalletizer for composite cans and plastic jars | Model 108


Nuts about quality and it shows!

Our customer's company grew from a small family business that sold roasted nuts from their kitchen into a world class operation that sells nuts, candy and snack mixes to consumers around the globe. As their production and distribution grew manyfold, one thing never changed...their commitment to serving their retail and private label customers with premium products.

Their depalletizer ensures that the packaging line will keep their promise. It delivers a consistent feed of top quality containers to their packaging line, running both plastic jars and composite containers in several sizes. The sweep-style operation provides ultra-gentle handling that protects the container integrity of the empty composite cans, and also smoothly depalletizes and single files the unstable lightweight plastic jars.

 For our customer, providing quality and service to their customers are non-negotiable priorities. We are proud to serve a company whose goals align with our own!



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