Case Packing Solutions

Erect-Pack-Seal with total flexibility and top performance

We offer multiple case packing and product handling solutions that deliver dependable production and flexibility for a range of product types and line speeds.
Many customers find case erecting, packing, and sealing by separate machines offers greater flexibility in line layout, product handling, and budget than traditional erector/packer/sealers. Our range of packers includes NO-DROP pick and place packers and robotic packers that efficiently handle an almost limitless variety of containers and packages, and semi-auto packers for packing cartons, tubes or multipacks on lower speed lines. Square and sealed cases are delivered fresh from the erector, and after packing, the flaps are closed and securely sealed by the case sealer.

Flexible, fast, and efficient.




Case Erectors

Simplicity and reliability are the hallmarks of A-B-C case erectors. With mechanical case drives and heavy tubular steel frames, these workhorse box erecting machines ensure low maintenance operation and long machine life.

Preferred by packagers for their ability to run less than perfect corrugated and board with high recycled content, these erectors are proven leaders in performance and reliability. Read more...






Robotic Packers

When flexibility is a key requirement, a robotic packer is often the best solution. This packing style gives you a range of options for product orientation, accumulation and gripping as well as casepack configuration. For changeover, simply select your next product from the HMI menu. Or easily create new product packs and configurations on the plant floor with the step-by-step, intuitive interface. Presented with a challenging package, you will benefit from our extensive expertise in product orientation, accumulation, and management to bring a solution that will deliver superior performance today and enable full adaptability for future needs. Read more...




Pick and Place Packers

For many styles or bottles and jugs, a pick and place packer is the optimal solution that combines no-drop, gentle handling with high volume operation. Pack multiple cases simultaneously with each cycle, which accomplishes a greater packing volume without the rapid drop packing motion that can compromise seals, labels or container integrity. Read more...





Semi-auto Horizontal Packers

Some companies needing more production can't justify automatic equipment, whether from budget restraints or staffing requirements. These semi-automatic packers are a great compromise, allowing just one operator to manage the entire packing operation, while providing manual product inspection.  Read more...






Case Sealers

In an age when even packaging machines are disposable, A-B-C still builds case sealers that last, crafted from heavy gauge steel with top quality components. Since 1940, quality and performance have made A-B-C case sealers the industry standard for all your case sealing needs.  Today we’re setting new standards with case sealers for your real-world production demands, today and in the future. Read more...