Case erector for Tablock, RSC & CSSC cases | Model 335

Delivering perfect cases in multiple styles to protect our customer's quality containers


Ensuring safe product transit from our customer to theirs, and to the end user.

Quality is key for our container manufacturing customer and their shipping case integrity is paramount to ensure their containers reach customers in perfect condition. They also needed flexibility to supply their products in their customers' preferred case style, whether Tablock, RSC, or CSSC.  

Our Model 335 erector, a workhorse proven in glass plants and other high volume applications, was the machine for the job. It's built for long-term production, with a heavy gauge steel frame that minimizes vibration that can cause machine wear.  The tablock module precisely folds the tablock flaps for easy KD opening. The walking beam transfer squares cases as they travel and the compression ram squares cases as it seals them securely. The erector delivers cases that maintain their integrity in transit and repacking, and protect the containers to their final destination.

To run RSC, HSC, or CSSC cases, they simply bypass the tablock sealing module. No adjustments, setting changes, or downtime. For this customer, the Model 335 was the right solution to ensure consistently high quality products for their customers and top productivity on their line.


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