A-B-C case erectors: designed to eliminate jams

You need a case erector that's designed to keep your line running reliably and jam-free. That's why we build A-B-C erectors with exclusive features that overcome the common challenges in case erecting and sealing including out-of-spec corrugated, warped KDs and high recycled content cases.

Learn how our erectors are designed to keep your line operating at top productivity and see our erectors in action.


M300 magazine

The horizontal stack-squaring magazine ensures proper KD alignment.

Your operator simply loads cases against the magazine's squaring corner. Stacks automatically index into position providing a reliable and continuous case feed.


M300 infeed

The top feed magazine reliably indexes warped and band-marked cases.

Cases are lifted by dual floating grippers from the top of the stack, eliminating back pressure issues and ensuring reliable feed from uneven case stacks caused by warped and band-marked corrugated. 


M300 dualgripperopening

 Upper and lower vacuum cups provide positive case opening.

The case is secured from below by vacuum grippers while the mechanical opening arm lowers to firmly grip and pull it open. The robust vacuum grippers deliver reliable case erecting even on cases with excess manufacturer joint adhesive that can deter opening.

M300 overopen

The overhead grippers "over open" case flaps for smooth minor flap closing.

This design allows ample space for the minor flaps to fold inward, and eliminates the common issue of jams during flap closing when running cases with misaligned scores or off-spec manufacturer's joints.


M300 casesquaring

Case-squaring transfer for accurate sealing.

The better the case going in the sealing section, the better the product coming out. Our erectors maintain tight control of cases throughout the process, utilizing our "walking beam" case transfer that squares cases as they travel. For adhesive sealing, squaring lugs on the sealing ram ensure that cases are squared and sealed securely. Our erectors are designed to deliver top quality cases regardless of your real world production challenges.


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