Partition Inserter Video Applications

Precision opening and placement of partitions are critical to success at the packer. That’s why we build our partitioners with servo-operated opening and inserting mechanisms that ensure consistent and reliable performance 24/7. With their compact, in-line designs, these partitioners offer easy installation. Their partition magazines offer easy loading at any time during operation, and changeover is completed with no tools. If you’ve been looking for a reliable solution for partition opening and inserting, we have your solution.

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  • Model 70 | This single-head partitioner opens and inserts 12-pack bottle partitions with servo precision at speeds up to 30 cases per minute. Cases are indexed into position and the outer flaps secured, then the partitions are smoothly lowered to the bottom of the cases.

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  • Model 70 | For speeds to 50 cases per minute, the dual head partition opener/inserter is the solution. The dual head system replicates the operation of the single head opener/inserter at two inserting stations, providing double the volume of cases without requiring increased servo speed.

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