All-in-one case unpacker and packer saves floor space


All-in-one case unpacker and packer saves floor space

Packagers who are utilizing manual labor for unpacking empty containers from reshippers, and for repacking filled containers can eliminate labor and increase line speed with the Model 360 unpacker/case packer from A-B-C Packaging. This machine performs both functions, uncasing and case packing, with every motion of the servo-operated robotic-style transfer head. With every cycle, two separate actions occur simultaneously: as the head lowers into the case, filled bottles are packed, and empty bottles are gripped for unloading. As the head reaches the conveyor, the empty containers are deposited for transfer to filling, and additional filled containers are picked up for packing.

The servo-operated transfer head smoothly and efficiently carries containers with no drop and keeps them under complete control during operation…bottles are released only when they reach the bottom of the case during packing, or the conveyor chain for unpacking. Finger grids are utilized to align bottles as they are packed into the case, ensuring proper positioning.

The Model 360 operates at speeds up to 15 cases per minute, and it may be designed to pack and unpack multiple cases per minute for increased volume. The Model 360 has a compact design and occupies only 56 square feet of floor space.

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