Bulk depalletizer offers craft brewers an easy upgrade from manual bottle unloading

Model 108 depalletizer for brewery

A-B-C has a solution for craft brewers who want to automate their bulk bottle unloading in the Model 108 depalletizer that offers simple and reliable operation with features for maximum bottle stability and smooth handling. It has a small footprint for reduced installation costs and a low level design for easy access and maintenance. With energy-efficient electric operation and many upgraded features as standard equipment, this depalletizer combines top productivity with low cost of ownership.

The depalletizer runs 12 oz. and 22 oz. beer bottles interchangeably with no adjustments and can unload many other bottle types and styles as well. Bottlers will appreciate the long term reliability of the Model 108 due to the machine’s quality construction with solid, channel steel frame, heavy shafts and counterweighted elevator table. Bottles stability is ensured as layers are handled under full control from the pallet stack to the discharge table–each layer is squared on all sides before transfer–and the front of the load is retained as the layer reaches the discharge table to ensure smooth transfer. The variable frequency motor provides soft start, soft stop operation.

Bottlers can choose their level of automation from available options including slipsheet removal, empty pallet stacker, full pallet conveyor, and a variety of pallet conveyor and single filing devices.

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A-B-C introduces the Model 108RT for high speed depalletizing of reverse taper bottles


model 108rt-depalletizer

Reverse taper bottles can present a depalletizing challenge because their smaller base configuration causes instability during transfer. A-B-C has introduced the Model 108RT, a depalletizer with proprietary features that maintain bottle stability for reverse taper bottles during high speed transfer from the pallet and throughout single filing. These features include devices that square and secure the top pallet layer and also the secondary layer prior to container transfer, and maintain the slipsheet firmly as the top layer is swept from the pallet to the loading table. In addition, each product load is kept under control on all four sides from the pallet throughout the depalletizing process, to contain the bottles in a tight pack, which enhances stability. Bottles are single filed with a conveyor designed to gently “pull” them from the pack and guide them to the line conveyor. Picture frames and slipsheets are automatically removed, separated and stacked.

The depalletizer’s compact design provides economical floor level operation and offers low, medium, or high level discharge. The open profile ensures high visibility of all operation and easy access for maintenance. Built for reliable, long-term operation, this depalletizer has a solid channel steel frame and welded and bolted construction. The transfer table is crafted of stainless steel for smooth container transfer. Additional performance features include heavy shafts and industrial roller chain for the sweep drive and elevator drive. Operation and changeover are managed at the touchscreen operator panel which provides access to real-time operating data, diagnostic reports, and full machine manuals.


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New high level bulk depalletizer combines maximum flexibility and economy in compact footprint



New Model 108HL high level bulk depalletizer is the solution for packagers who need reliable depalletizing with top flexibility, easy installation and quick payback. This high level machine smoothly transfers containers from the pallet stack and sweeps them gently onto high level discharge conveyor at speeds to 4 layers per minute. It offers the flexibility to run plastic, glass, aluminum, steel, or composite containers interchangeably with no change parts. It can automatically remove and stack picture frames, tier sheets, inverted trays and pallets.

Top performance is guaranteed by the Model 108HL’s rugged design and quality production features that ensure gentle container handling and quiet operation. As the pallet remains stationery during depalletizing, there is no risk of pallet instability, a common issue with traditional high level depalletizers. Features to ensure positive container handling include four containment devices, and a tiersheet stabilizer, plus a precision chain and sprocket sweep mechanism that maintains container stability even when depalletizing lightweight containers. The Model 108HL offers discharge elevations up to 144”. A low level model is also available with discharge height to 36”. 

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Depalletizer single filer maintains proper jug/handle orientation to ensure smooth downstream operations

Container orientation is critical for proper filling, capping and label application, therefore, containers that get skewed during bulk depalletizing must be reoriented before moving downstream. A-B-C has eliminated this issue with a single filing module for the Model 108 depalletizer that maintains container/handle orientation as bottles or jugs are transferred from the bulk transfer table to the bottle conveyor. 

The depalletizer sweeps each layer in a contained unit from the pallet to the transfer table utilizing a motorized sweep bar that moves with the layer to ensure container stability and load integrity. At the single filing module, the containers travel from the table to the conveyor row by row, maintaining orientation. The module handles square or rectangular containers.

 A-B-C’s Model 108 bulk depalletizer is available for low or high level operation, and can run loads to 110” high. The machine operates with A-B-C’s Intelligent Control to ensure simple operation and control from the touchscreen operator panel that also provides complete performance data and troubleshooting capabilities, as well as changeover settings.


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New depalletizer module helps reduce corrugated waste by facilitating reuse of tier sheets and picture frames



For packagers seeking to reduce corrugated waste by reusing their depalletizing tier sheets and picture frames, A-B-C has introduced a separator/stacking module for the company’s Model 108 bulk depalletizers. The system automatically stacks the tier sheets and top picture frames on pallets in separate hoppers for easy removal by forklift once the stacks are filled. The palletloads are returned to the bottle supplier for reuse.

The module has a compact footprint to allow installation where floor space is limited or as an addition to an existing depalletizing system.  The tier sheets and picture frames are securely transferred by an automatic pneumatic gripper system. It is operated by A-B-C’s intelligent control system, managed at the touchscreen operator station to allow customization for various pallet sizes and configurations.

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