Economical, small footprint, floor level palletizer makes automation easy



For plants with either limited floor space or a small budget, this compact palletizer (Model 72AN) offers a simple and economical solution to increase production and eliminate the cost and liability of manual operation. It occupies from 10 to 30% less floor space than conventional low level palletizers depending on the accessories required (transfer conveyor, pallet dispenser/transport) and offers complete flexibility for product feed and pallet configuration. All operation is automatic which eliminates the risk of employee injury and related costs from repetitive palletizing actions.

No pallet dispenser is required for the Model 72AN. Up to 5 empty pallets can be stacked in the load area for palletizing and the layers of product are automatically directed to the top pallet level. Once the load is completed, the lift truck operator simply removes the top pallet and contents, and the palletizer continues to load the next pallet; once all pallets have been loaded and removed, the operator simply stacks another set of empty pallets in the loading area and the sequence repeats.

This palletizer offers the freedom of on-floor operation with an open profile and full machine guarding, plus high or low level product feed. It is designed for long term operation with heavy steel frame construction, reinforced and counterweighted elevator table, and a dual, chain-driven layer transfer mechanism. A-B-C’s intelligent control package offers simple, touchscreen control of operation, changeover, production data and diagnostics.

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A-B-C Packaging debuts robot palletizer line


Robotic palletizer 700series

A-B-C’s 700 series robotic palletizers are designed to deliver the flexibility of manual palletizing with reduced costs and liability as these machines automatically accumulate and stack cases, trays, bags or shrink-wrapped multipacks in multiple configurations and pallet loads. Packagers can achieve efficient and reliable pallet forming while utilizing less floor space, and ship secure, well-formed pallet loads that protect products throughout distribution. All systems are OEM-engineered and manufactured and supported by A-B-C’s professional service technicians.

Standard systems include a high payload robot and appropriate product handling devices for single or dual infeed and pallet building, product transport and staging conveyors, high visibility guarding, Allen Bradley controls and programming for product requirements. Additional pallet patterns are easily programmed by the end user and uploaded at the operator panel for seamless transition to new products or packs. The pallet programming software automatically sets the most efficient arm movement to maximize palletizing speed. A variety of end-of-arm tools are available to accommodate all product types.

Options include automation of empty pallet transfer and slipsheet/picture frame inserting. Robotic control or separate devices may be integrated depending on speed and space requirements. A variety of full pallet takeaway conveyor options are also offered.

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Palletizer with extended accumulation table for faster pallet stacking


Palletizer with extended accumulation table for faster pallet stacking

A-B-C announces the Model 72AE palletizer that combines the economy and accessibility of a floor level palletizer with the speeds typically associated with high level machines. This novel design incorporates an extended accumulation table that allows continuous layer forming during completed layer transfer and stacking, thereby achieving increased volume of up to 35 units per minute.

Energy-efficient electric motors provide smooth, whisper-quiet operation, and all layer patterns and pallet configurations are programmed for easy startup and control. The Model 72AE can palletize cases, trays, bags or totes.  Changeover is automatic—  simply choose the next product configuration at the operator touchscreen panel. The palletizer’s intelligent control gives packagers total flexibility as new pallet, layer, and product configurations are added and/or modified by authorized personnel and all operating parameters can be adjusted independently.


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Palletizer for operation in harsh plant environments



A-B-C’s new stainless steel palletizer is the solution for harsh plant environments with high humidity or moisture or corrosive factors caused by some foods, beverages, chemicals, fertilizers and feeds. It is washdown safe with components to NEMA 4X specifications and stainless steel construction.
“This palletizer is designed to reduce operating costs for packagers with corrosive plant environments as it is built to withstand harsh operating conditions with minimum maintenance,” said Bryan Sinicrope, VP sales and marketing of A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation. “Where plant conditions are corrosive, traditional machine life can be limited, and this palletizer is the solution. It is also designed for plants with wash-down requirements. This palletizer provides a high speed solution with case palletizing speeds to 50 cases/minute and bag palletizing speeds to 4 layers per minute.”

The Model 72AGSS is built for performance with a heavy gauge frame that is welded and bolted for maximum strength and durability. The elevator table is reinforced with crossbar beams to eliminate load stress and the table edges are gently tapered to ensure stable layer transfer. The table is counterweighted to eliminate drive motor stress. Vertical transfer of the elevator table is powered by variable frequency motor drive that eliminates hard starts and stops that can cause component wear.

The Model 72AGSS is a low level palletizer that is built for increased speed capability with continuous feed and layer accumulation during sweep transfer. Each layer is squared before transfer to the pallet to ensure secure palletloads, and a tapered transfer table enables Depending on the case and pallet configuration, it can palletize up to 50 cases per minute.  This palletizer runs cases, bags, trays, totes, or multipacks in multiple pallet patterns, all pre-programmed for quick changeover.


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Pallet dispenser ensures optimum palletizing efficiency


Pallet dispenser ensures optimum palletizing efficiency

The Model 601 Pallet Dispenser with a novel side-clamp design that grips and lifts the entire stack to allow the bottom pallet to feed independently from the stack to the palletizing station. This design is proven to enhance palletizing efficiency, as it allows the dispenser to run pallets with protruding nails or loose boards, while minimizing further pallet damage and eliminating handling concerns during warehousing and shipping.

The side clamp design is a superior handling method, compared to traditional hydraulic dispensers that use a pusher ram to strip pallets from the bottom of the stack, which can cause additional damage to imperfect pallets.

This compact, self-contained unit offers a solid steel frame with barrier guarding, a heavy-gauge, chain-driven pallet handling mechanism, and motorized lift and clamp devices, providing 1000 lb. lift capacity and maximum 15 pallet load. Operation is automatic, with up to 3 pallets per minute fed upon signal or command. The electric motor drive is precisely controlled by an Allen-Bradley Micrologic PLC.

Offering maximum versatility, this unit operates with any packaging machine requiring automatic pallet feed, including case, bag, and robotic palletizers, large tote and super sack fillers; it can also operate as an empty pallet stacker/accumulator at the outfeed of case or bulk depalletizers. It is designed to fit all palletizer and depalletizer styles, and is equipped with chain pallet feed conveyor (roller conveyor is also available.) Two versions are offered, for small or large pallets.

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