Pallet dispenser ensures optimum palletizing efficiency


Pallet dispenser ensures optimum palletizing efficiency

The Model 601 Pallet Dispenser with a novel side-clamp design that grips and lifts the entire stack to allow the bottom pallet to feed independently from the stack to the palletizing station. This design is proven to enhance palletizing efficiency, as it allows the dispenser to run pallets with protruding nails or loose boards, while minimizing further pallet damage and eliminating handling concerns during warehousing and shipping.

The side clamp design is a superior handling method, compared to traditional hydraulic dispensers that use a pusher ram to strip pallets from the bottom of the stack, which can cause additional damage to imperfect pallets.

This compact, self-contained unit offers a solid steel frame with barrier guarding, a heavy-gauge, chain-driven pallet handling mechanism, and motorized lift and clamp devices, providing 1000 lb. lift capacity and maximum 15 pallet load. Operation is automatic, with up to 3 pallets per minute fed upon signal or command. The electric motor drive is precisely controlled by an Allen-Bradley Micrologic PLC.

Offering maximum versatility, this unit operates with any packaging machine requiring automatic pallet feed, including case, bag, and robotic palletizers, large tote and super sack fillers; it can also operate as an empty pallet stacker/accumulator at the outfeed of case or bulk depalletizers. It is designed to fit all palletizer and depalletizer styles, and is equipped with chain pallet feed conveyor (roller conveyor is also available.) Two versions are offered, for small or large pallets.

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