System palletizes plastic totes & RPC ’s with automatic changeover


System palletizes plastic totes & RPC ’s with automatic changeover

This compact palletizer automatically accumulates and stacks plastic totes or returnable plastic containers (RPC’s) to form interlocking pallet loads that are secure for shipping. The system features an exclusive tier alignment positioning mechanism that gently jogs each layer during stacking to interlock the totes with the previous layer. After depositing the layer, this mechanism automatically squares the pallet to ensure stability for shipping.

In the past, plastic totes were palletized manually to ensure proper interlocked stacking; therefore, this palletizer can considerably reduce packaging costs by eliminating manual labor and related expenses. This economical system operates at floor level, eliminating the need to build costly overhead platforms, and allowing plant personnel to monitor machine operation while performing other tasks. Clean, open construction and low-level access points simplify routine maintenance.

From infeed, through accumulation, stacking and full pallet exit, all functions are operated by PLC (programmable logic control), which ensures precise operation and simplified control. The touch screen control panel offers easy set up for daily, shift or batch runs, diagnostic status reporting, running production counts, and more. Another built in feature is automatic changeover. Just select the preprogrammed size you need to run on the color display and the machine does the rest.

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