All-stainless case sealer stands up to high pressure wasdowns and caustic plant environments


A-B-C offers an all-stainless case sealer for dairies and juice plants with washdown requirements and other manufacturing plants with acidic or caustic environments that demand stainless equipment to withstand these harsh conditions. With fully stainless construction from the frame to the fasteners, bearings, chain drives and a NEMA 4X-rated control cabinet, this sealer ensures top productivity in rugged conditions with hot melt sealing speeds to 50 cases per minute.

Total flexibility to run a full range of corrugated cases with only three manual adjustments is a top feature of the Model 436. On dairy lines that also run plastic crates, there is no need to build a bypass conveyor around the sealer–simply set the sealer to bypass mode and the crates cycle straight through to palletizing. To return to corrugated cases, the machine is reset to sealing mode with one easy adjustment.

This hot melt case sealer incorporates A-B-C’s production-proven features that ensure square cases, including contoured flap folders and a spring-loaded compression section to ensure secure seals. Its compact design (only 10’ long x 3’ wide) saves valuable floor space and simplifies line integration. A tape-sealing model is also available.

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Case sealer runs very small cases at high speeds


High speed sealing for small, lightweight cases only three inches tall was the challenge presented to A-B-C. The solution was a case sealer with unique features to ensure total case control while automatically feeding back-to-back cases, positively folding the inner flaps, and gently closing and sealing the large outer flaps at speeds to 50 cases/minute.

The pacer belt case transfer automatically spaces each case whether they are fed apart or back-to-back. The side belt transfer is designed to control the lightweight cases as they are conveyed. The inner flaps are positively folded and closed by the servo-operated rotating inner flap tucker and A-B-C’s contoured, cast aluminum folders crease and fold the large outer flaps as cases are transferred. The unique design of the flap folders ensures proper folding and square cases, even if running corrugated with poor scorelines. Cases are sealed with tape by an exterior-mounted tape head that enables quick and easy roll replacement.

At only 10’ long x 3’ wide, this sealer has a space-saving small footprint–but this is no lightweight machine. With a heavy gauge stainless steel frame and welded and bolted construction, it is built to ensure reliable, long-term operation. Gull-wing style high visibility doors securely enclose the machine and halt production when opened. Features for reduced maintenance include sealed bearings and self-lubricated pneumatics. Changeover is completed in minutes with only three manual adjustments.



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Lightweight cases sealed easily with custom hold down assembly for health and beauty aids


A-B-C meets the needs of manufacturers whose cases are packed with lightweight products. The Model 30 may be outfitted with a custom case hold down. The case hold down system, equipped with easy glide rollers, secures the case in position as it travels through the sealer. Now with A-B-C’s customized packaging solutions, you can overcome the challenges of properly sealing lightweight cases automatically.


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Case sealer offers total flexibility for snack manufacturers


The choice between adhesive and tape sealing for cases can hinge on the minor flap support–if you are packing a product like snack bags that don’t provide minor flap support, you normally use tape, and if you are packing products in multipacks, cartons or jars that provide minor flap support, adhesive can be the best solution. For snack manufacturers who ship products in a variety of packages including flexible bags, multipacks, cartons and rigid containers, this can be a problem.

A-B-C provides the solution with their Model 436 case sealer that offers interchangeable tape and adhesive sealing on one machine. The modular design of this case sealer allows snack packagers to easily switch from one sealing method to another without excessive downtime or the added expense of purchasing two machines. The case sealer has independent sealing modules for adhesive and tape sealing that are designed for quick changeover with “drop in” accessibility, allowing maintenance personnel to quickly make the switch from one sealing method to another in under 10 minutes.  “This provides the most practical and cost-effective solution for our snack manufacturer customers who need maximum flexibility in a compact machine,” said Bryan Sinicrope, VP sales and marketing, A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.  
The sealer offers a large case range from 8” L x 6” W x 4” H to 24” L x 17” W x 17” H and speeds to 50 cases/minute.

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Tab slitter / top sealer for tablock cases provides high speed, in-line operation


Tab slitter / top sealer for tablock cases provides high speed, in-line operation

The Model 121S is two machines in one– a tab slitter and top case sealer– with a streamlined design that facilitates quick installation on the packaging line, and consistent operating speeds to 50 cases per minute, making it the production solution for high-speed beverage lines.
From start to finish, the Model 121S provides positive case control which is critical for successful high-speed operation. The metering belt infeed ensures proper case spacing, and high traction transfer belting provides positive case transfer.

As the case travels, the slitter mechanisms move on sliding rods to lift the flaps and cleanly cut the tabs. Four flap control and closing is accomplished by a combination of mechanical and fixed flap folders. The compression section has top and bottom belt drives for secure case sealing. Spring-loaded rollers support the top belt to ensure proper sealing of every case regardless of minor height variations.
Built for the rigors of high speed operation, the Model 121S is equipped with top quality components including self-lubricated air cylinders, automatic water eliminator, maintenance-free sealed bearings, and cast aluminum flap folders. The stainless steel frame is welded and bolted for strength, and machine guards offer high visibility for monitoring machine operation. A tape-sealing model is available.

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