Seal cases with tape at speeds to 50 cases per minute



No longer is adhesive sealing the only option for packagers running high speed lines, with the Model 436 sealer that seals cases with tape at speeds to 50 cases per minute. This tape sealer provides automatic case feed and spacing, and squares cases as the tape is applied, for square, securely sealed cases that form straight, stable palletloads.
Packed inside its rugged stainless steel frame are a host of production-proven components that provide continuous and reliable high speed operation, including the metering belt case feed powered by a substantial 1 hp motor that ensures precise case transfer for synchronized flap folding and sealing. The rotary flap tucker smoothly breaks the score of the leading inner flap for accurate folding and securely tucks the trailing flap. A-B-C’s exclusive contoured, cast aluminum flap folders fold the outer flaps precisely on the scoreline.  

The tape system is designed for minimum downtime, with the tape head mounted outside the machine frame for quick and easy tape roll changes. A “roll empty” sensor eliminates tape head rethreading- the sealer stops when the roll is depleted, and the new roll can be simply attached to the end of the previous roll. Clear, high visibility gull wing doors enclose the machine and stop the sealer when opened to allow quick access to all operating components.
The Model 436’s compact design (10’ long) and wide case range (Min: 8”L x 6”W x 4” H  Max: 24”L x 17”W x 17”H) provide line flexibility for today and the future.

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